Week 8 of Recurse
Mon Oct 5, 2020 · 339 words · 2 min

It is starting to feel like Fall here in New England. I have officially begun to have to wait for my car to heat up in the morning before going to the gym. That is typically a good indicator of when the warm weather has begun to pass.

Last week I didn't achieve everything I wanted to, but it was a very productive week. The reason behind the lack of progress was some unexpected speed bumps when setting up the PLFA & Compiler environments. Other than that though, it felt like a typical week. I was able to continue progress on the FP Course, completed the first chapter of PLFA (Agda is strange), worked on my elixir app, started a systems programming exercise, and finally scoped out the compiler study group course of action. The new systems programming exercise is a collection of exercises. I am going to start with the hash map implementation since this is the one that seems most challenging to me.

For this upcoming week, I am taking a different approach to organizing my day & tasks and I have a few goals I want to achieve. The new way of organizing my day is with a simple notebook & pen rather than calcurse. I don't have a reason for doing this other than I have always used some notebook as a productivity tool during most of my academic career. I have one for daily tasks, one for notes, and one for tracking my workout sessions.

The goals I have for this upcoming week are the following:

Health & Fitness goals

Recurse goals


Until next time,

~ Dan

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