Week 4 of Recurse
Tue Sep 8, 2020 · 221 words · 2 min

So last week was another successful week where I felt I just had a good groove going from the prior week and kept the momentum up. I was able to continue my Haskell/compiler learning with the study groups, I feel there are a few areas I want to dive deeper into with Haskell such as Monads & Monoids, but I felt I got a good grasp of everything else we covered in these study groups. I also was able to start a mini project in Haskell to take a more applied approach to learn the language. I am writing a very simple stock price alert program. The idea is for it to be able to read in a particular ticker, target price, and cut loss price then produce notifications (through my notification-daemon dunst) if the stock ticker has reached either the target price or cut loss price. This project seems like a good way to learn how Haskell HTTP & notify libraries work along with learning how to structure a real Haskell program.

This coming week I hope to continue my learning with Haskell & compilers as well as work on my two projects. I also want to write a blog post about something other than weekly updates of recurse, so hopefully I'll come across something cool soon to write about!

~ Dan

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