Week 7 of Recurse
Mon Sep 28, 2020 · 306 words · 2 min

It is a weird feeling that next week is the end of September, it almost feels like I never realized it was even September. That may be due to this being my first year out of schooling along with 2020 being a strange year altogether.

Last week was a refreshing context switch. I joined a new group, tried out new technology, started a new FP course, and changed the structure of the compiler reading group. The new group I joined is the Programming Languages & Type Theory Study Group. We are currently deciding what book we are going to read, but the suggested ones so far all seem interesting.

In regards to the functional programming study group, we hit a cool milestone by finishing by CIS 194. This course was a fantastic introduction to pure functional programming with Haskell. We are now moving on to the FP Course which is the suggested follow-up course to CIS 194. It seems to be more hands-on which is going to be helpful for myself.

For the compiler study group, we are switching from reading Engineering a compiler to following a guide to build some sort of compiler/interpreter. Next week we will be determining what exactly we are going to do, but we have collectively agreed on writing our project in Haskell. This is a nice switch up for the group since we were about 400 pages into the book, and it seemed like it was a good time to take a more hands-on approach.

This coming week will be fun since it's going to be the first real week of all of the new curriculum I am going to be following, and for a side thing I am trying out a new editing environment, spacemacs.

Until next time, ~ Dan

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