Day 1 of Recurse
Wed Aug 12, 2020 · 269 words · 2 min

Today was my first day of the full Fall 1 2020 batch at the Recurse Center. Technically, I started on Monday for orientation, but I was away camping for the past few days, so I really started today. I am so grateful to have this opportunity since it will end right before I start my job at Wayfair, as well as being able to pursue passion projects & learning with a great community in these next twelve weeks.

The area I am interested in learning more about is Rust (asynchronous runtimes in particular), compilers, systems programming, and the Linux kernel. A few project ideas I have come up with are:

So far, I have joined the morning check-ins meeting and a compiler study group. In the compiler study group, I want to collaborate to try to work on open-source compiler projects as well as go through the book we agreed to read: Engineering a compiler.

Even though I have a few project ideas listed above, my end goal of the batch is to gain a deeper understanding of the areas I'm interested in. Even if this means I don't finish any of my projects, or I switch from working on my own project to open-source ones, I am open to it as long as I feel like I'm learning more each day.

Excited to see what these next twelve weeks bring!

~ Dan

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