Week 9 of Recurse
Mon Oct 12, 2020 · 286 words · 2 min

This past week was filled with things reminding me that my time at recurse is closing into an end. I recently just found & applied to an apartment complex that I will be living in come to the start of my job in November, and for the functional programming group, we are deciding on a collaborative project to work on for our final few weeks here at recurse. It's sad that it's coming to the final stretch, but I am excited about this next chapter in my life especially with all the things I was able to learn and explore during these past couple of months.

Last week was a pretty typical week for my progress, and with only three weeks left in my batch, I am going to be only focusing on projects so I can get into the "coding flow" come the time I start working. I am going to be focusing on a new side project I started, the compiler project, the systems programming exercises, and whatever project the functional programming group comes up with.

The new side project I am working on is a backtesting application written entirely in Haskell. I am not sure exactly how I want the final thing to look like (mainly dealing with the front end usage), but I have the idea for how I want the simulation to execute. The first idea is to provide infrastructure for building algorithms completely dependent on candlestick data & price. The model will contain open/close/high/low data points of each candlestick. The user will then be able to write some functions that will tell the model to buy into a position or sell a current holding position.

Until next time,

~ Dan

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